Karl's Corner - 06/18/2005

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06/18/05 remember how much we got egged last year?

...MB '05 Tour: Day 38: Fly home from Europe
Well, thats it for a short but very sweet visit to (some of) Europe. Thanks again to all the awesome fans who came out to the shows, support acts The Subways and Tegan And Sara, and to the crew for kicking ass. Today we woke up in Glasgow, went to the airport, and flew back to the states for 2 weeks of relative calm. sometime the week following this, the band and crew will reconvene in L.A. to do a production rehearsal, where the new lights and sound stuff will be tested (got some cool stuff lined up for the summer!), and the band will rehearse some more songs in order to beef up the setlist for the beefier shows...