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We Opened for Weezer

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"We Opened for Weezer"
We Opened for Weezer cover
Album track by Nerf Herder
Album Rockingham
Released March 11, 2016
Format CD, LP, digital
Length 4:29
Label Golfshirt Records
Status officially released

"We Opened for Weezer" is the fifth track off of Nerf Herder's 2016 record Rockingham. The lyrics include extensive references to the Pinkerton Tour, during which Nerf Herder and Weezer shared the bill.



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We opened for Weezer
First time on the road
Some of us had never even been in the snow
Following along in our rental van
Back when Matt Sharp was still in the band called Weezer

Watching every night from the crowd
Saw a kid rush the stage and kick the bass amp down
The Wah Wah ruling over seven eleven
It was nerd-core heaven in ninety seven with Weezer

Winging "Say It Ain't So"
And the kids kept singing along
In the Pittsburgh snow

We opened for Weezer
It was a dream come true
Our video was playing on the MTV2
Right about the time that Buffy started slayin'
We were on tour and we were playin' with Weezer

They were singin' the blues
Pinkerton was gettin' some bad reviews
The guy from Rolling Stone didn't like the songs
The guy from Rolling Stone was totally wrong about Weezer

The Chameleon in Lancaster, Asbury Park
The Metropol in Pittsburgh, Raliegh at Marrz
Winston-Salem, Charleston, Charlotte, and, Louisville (Louisville!)
The Flood Zone in Richmond, Norfolk, VA
Columbus, Ohio, the Newport Music Hall
The Rave in Milwaukee, the Barrymore Theater in Madison ... Wisconsin

We opened for Weezer
First time on the road
Mid-Atlantic states watching every show
Following around in our rental van
Half-Japanese girls singing "God Damn" with Weezer

Matt, Pat, Brian, and Rivers
"Butterfly" song giving everyone shivers
Karl was rad, and Karl was gnarly
We were sittin' back stage with Mykel and Carli and Weezer

And the kids say you might as well (jump, jump, jump, jump)
Singing "Say It Ain't So"
And the kids say you might as well (jump, jump, jump, jump)
In the Pittsburgh snow

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