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Weezer concert: 08/12/1992

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Weezer concert: 08/12/1992
Venue Coconut Teaszer
Location Los Angeles, CA
Date August 12, 1992
Supporting acts The Missionaries
Debuts "So Much Talk" (Wax cover)
Bootleg Recorded by Karl Koch, not in circulation
Weezer live show chronology
07/27/1992 - Los Angeles, CA 08/12/1992 - Los Angeles, CA 08/13/1992 - San Jose, CA

Weezer performed at Coconut Teaszer in Los Angeles, CA on August 12, 1992. This was Weezer's first show following the recording of The Kitchen Tape[1]. The day after this show, Weezer departed for their first out-of-town performances in San Jose, Eureka, and Guerneville, CA[2]. Matt Sharp made a flyer for this show.

Set list


See Historic event: 08/12/1992

The Coconut Teaszer was one of the 'big 3' Sunset Strip clubs [the other 2 being the Roxy and the Whiskey] that were the big holdouts of the glam-metal scene of the '80s. It was difficult for a "alternative" band like weezer to break into this scene, and the leather-clad regulars tended to clear out when anyone not dressed in full rock garb hit the stage. And weezer dressed in anything but full rock garb! Teaszer bills were always a bizarre mix of glam bands, bar rock bands, morbid looking gothic type bands, and the ocassional pop type band like weezer. This was another club that the bands 5/25 demo tape helped break them into.

Back to the Teaszer for a third time...by now the band was getting used to the place, but still not quite understanding why they had to gig there so often. Lack of other opportunities in L.A. was still a problem.

The songs in the setlist had all very recently been completed for "the kitchen tape" and were performed very closely in style to the demo. The only other band who is known to have been on the bill was The Missionaries.
- Karl Koch

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