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Albumsix.com Boardie Tribute Album

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Albumsix.com Boardie Tribute Album
Albumsix.com Boardie Tribute Album cover
Tribute album by allthingsweezer.com
Released April 2, 2008
Format digital
Genre Alternative rock
allthingsweezer.com chronology
Albumsix.com Boardie Tribute Album
Albumsix.com sings Weezer Vol. 2
Reverse cover art
Reverse cover art

The Albumsix.com Boardie Tribute Album is the first of the Albumsix Boardie collaborative albums, composed of over forty Weezer fan covers. The compilation was organized by boardie drjerry16 with cover artwork by boardie Headcheese. The album was released on April 2, 2008. A best-of compilation tracklist was created by and voted on by boardies. The final album was then posted in Karl's Corner.


Disc 1

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Don't Let Go"  Mu  
2. "I Do"  doritodonkeyrevisited  
3. "The Purification of Water"  DrJerry16  
4. "The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World"  ohjonas  
5. "Simple Pages"  fak  
6. "Walt Disney"  Flippant81  
7. "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams"  princesskatie  
8. "O Girlfriend"  jonas5000  
9. "Pink Triangle"  wATER bISCUT  
10. "Mykel & Carli"  mebe  
11. "Blast Off!"  weezerdotc0m  
12. "This Is the Way"  Encladus  
13. "No Other One"  Baby Britain  
14. "Waiting on You"  maltjik  
15. "Perfect Situation"  john  
16. "Superfriend"  Low/Churps  
17. "Across the Sea"  Donny  
18. "Longtime Sunshine"  Wigit2  
19. "Haunt You Every Day"  Cuomo456  
20. "Devotion"  danorganplayer  
21. "I Was Made for You"  =w=fano'theyear  
22. "Crazy One"  sixhundredsix  

Disc 2

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Hey M'Darlin'"  runnersdialzero  
2. "Mykel & Carli"  insinkidie  
3. "Keep Fishin'"  mynameisjonas144  
4. "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here"  Doudin  
5. "The Good Life"  maltjik  
6. "Seafaring Jamb"  Baby Britain  
7. "Waiting on You"  EL84  
8. "Pink Triangle"  weezerdotc0m  
9. "Undone - The Sweater Song"  Three Foot Seven  
10. "Why Bother?"  Lucas  
11. "Susanne"  farmerpete  
12. "Superfriend"  desmondreed  
13. "Always"  jonas5000  
14. "American Gigolo"  Mu  
15. "The Damage in Your Heart"  ohjonas  
16. "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams"  mebe  
17. "Listen Up"  churps  
18. "I Was Made for You"  danorganplayer  
19. "Peace"  lovesexy  
20. "O Girlfriend"  =w=fano'theyear  
21. "Freak Me Out"  DrJerry16  
22. "Butterfly"  Rivermetimbers  

Best-of tracklist

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Don't Let Go"  Mu  
2. "I Do"  doritodonkeyrevisited  
3. "Purification of Water"  DrJerry16  
4. "Simple Pages"  fak  
5. "Walt Disney"  Flippant81  
6. "O Girlfriend"  jonas5000  
7. "This is the Way"  Encladus  
8. "No Other One"  Baby Britain  
9. "Waiting on You"  maltjik  
10. "Superfriend"  Low/Churps  
11. "Across the Sea"  Donny  
12. "Hey M'Darlin'"  runnersdialzero  
13. "Mykel & Carli"  insinkidie  
14. "Why Bother?"  Lucas  
15. "Susanne"  farmerpete  
16. "Listen Up"  churps  

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