Karl's Corner - 01/06/2001

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...recording day 10... In the midst of finishing up Mikey's bass "fixes", Weezer received a visit from the record company, and were surprised to learn that they were unsatisfied with how several tracks were turning out so far. Despite the fact that the songs are in a very raw form and will be much farther along in just a few weeks, the comments were still fairly critical, even while other songs got positive remarks. This of course is not the best news we could have gotten, as dissension from "on high" can lead to unwanted delays. And as we all are aware, there is very little margin for error here. Extending the album sessions could adversely affect the tour schedule, and conversely, sticking to the tour schedule in spite of not finishing the album work could mean a delayed release. Both of these outcomes are the last thing anyone wants, so the guys are continuing to work extra hard to get all the tracks as top-notch as possible.

...Very lengthy debates and discussions of what should/shouldnt/could be done with the tracks led to renewed attempts to nail down some songs. Later, after intensive internal debate within the band, a few songs got "the boot", their slots in the final running taken over by others that were "bubbling under". Additionally, another song, "Gonna Make My Move" was given a first time attempt.

...and later, after everyone went home for the evening, Rivers laid down a new song that he wrote earlier today, featuring a Wurlitzer organ.