Karl's Corner - 01/24/2001

From Weezerpedia

...recording day 27...another frantic day. We are under a fairly constant attack of all the buisness details of the upcoming tours, merchandise, web stuff, equipment needs, photo shoots, artwork, interview requests, etc. Its very exciting, like being in the war room, plotting out the strategy... but it also makes for some pretty hectic times, squeezing in buisness between all the recording thats going on. Well, we knew that this would be "crunch time", and it certainly feels crunchy to me.

. ..Anyway, Mikey was back on his feet, but got lucky as there were no parts for him to work on today anyhow, so he just relaxed, and came in to visit for a while...with an unexpected side effect from the food poisoning (see pic.. heh heh..) Meanwhile, Rivers and Brian continued an all out assault on background vocals and guitar solos, as well as some random overdubs here and there. These songs are just blowing up now, sounding fuller and more exciting than ever...

...unfortunately for Rivers, the effects of constant activity caught up with him, and he came down with a sore throat by the end of the day's work. By the time we went home he could barely talk! Fortunately he has already done almost all of his vocal work, so this hopefully shouldn't be too great of a setback... wish him well!