Karl's Corner - 01/09/2001

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...recording day 13...today Rivers spent some time polishing up his basic guitar tracks, and then turned the room over to Brian, who added more rhythm guitar tracks on about 8 of the songs over the course of the day. The manic pace and hard work continues, and the songs are starting to sound fuller and fuller...

...the crazy news today was Pat's unexpected appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Viewers were treated to scenes from Pats apartment in L.A., when Jay and an Elvis impersonator invaded (randomly, unplanned) and got Pat so sing various Elvis songs. Jay was totally unaware of who Pat was until Pat let it slip that he "was almost on (Jay's) show" one time. Somehow this turned into a random plug for weezer, as the Tonight show decided to include a clip from the "Buddy Holly" video, pointing out Pat! Pat did an adequate rendition of "Love me Tender", and then did a duet with the Elvis impersonator. I did in fact tape it, but shortly thereafter the video camera decided to blow up, so there will be a slight delay before I can post a clip of this.

"i started a r.w.a clan for an online video game called halflife....and our best rank was 26th in the world....it would be cool if u could post somethin about it so more players could join and we could dominate! thanks man." -Rich P.