Karl's Corner - 01/20/2001

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...recording day 24...today there was a lot of bedlam at the studio, as down the hall there was this huge Hare Krishna Yogi chanting recording session going on, produced by none other than Rick Rubin (I am not making this up!)...so between Rick's parade of unusual friends dropping by, and the Yogi masters hordes of exotically dressed chanting disciples wandering about, it was a heavy scene...Anyway, today Rivers raged through tons and tons of guitar solos and lead guitar parts, I'm not sure but I think he did them all in one day! Also Brian did a bunch more backing vocals. And something else was recorded, that I'm going to keep mum about because it might not be used on the album...

...So, tomorrow is a day off, only the second one since this thing started! Ric is going back to New York tomorrow, we will meet back up with him at an as-yet-undetermined location to oversee the mixing process. This coming week will be a week of polishing up minor things, finishing various songs that will likely end up as B-sides, and possibly trying a few more songs if theres time. ...Workaholics!