Karl's Corner - 01/11/2001

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...recording day 15...today the sessions were threatened by flooding in the studio, which occurred just down the hall after a crazy rainstorm blew though L.A. last night. Even mother nature is out to get us! Only by a stroke of sheer random luck, weezer's studio rooms escaped any serious flooding trouble. Once we settled in, today was a mixed bag of activity, which included Brian doing more guitar work, Rivers re-doing some guitar work, Mikey re-doing some bass lines on 2 songs, an expected delay as a new edit of "Crab" was prepared by the skilled engineers, and finally Rivers doing some experimental vocal tracks on 3 songs, "Knock-down Drag-out", "O Girlfriend", and "Starlight", doing some alternate melodies and feels on each.

...the song list re-cap...looks as follows as of today:

    "front runners" (a few might drop out...)

    If You Want It
    Sugar Booger
    Don't Let Go
    Island In The Sun
    Knock-down Drag-out
    Hash Pipe
    Inside a Smile
    Gimmie Some Love
    New Song (title unknown)

    "bubbling under" (one or two might join the front runner list at any time...or just 'b-side' potentials)

    Teenage Victory Song
    Gonna Make My Move
    My Best Friends Are Gone

    "in trouble" (possible b-sides, unlikely to make the album)

    Cryin' And Lonely