Karl's Corner - 08/03/2001

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8/03/01 Legal Troubles; Corner Archive access

...some of you may have seen some recent online articles regarding a lawsuit that has been brought against the band by their managment company. This being a legal matter, I can't go too in depth about this issue. Now, you might remember back in the Hooptie Tour when the news broke that the band had broken with their manager and now had to manage themselves, which significantly increased the stress and work involved with doing the recent tours, and all the band's business. At first we didn't know what was going to happen, and had really hoped it wouldnt come to this. Now, with the lawsuit, the stress level has reached new heights, but at the same time the band is working together like never before, in efforts to work towards the future with new songs, new tours, and new records, in spite of all the additional work and worry!

...Lawsuits are never pretty, but fans shouldn't have to worry too much for now, because in spite of all the scary talk and threats, nothing actually prevents the guys from doing what they love to do: play music, write music, record demos, make albums and tour. So rehearse they do, whilst many lawyers work behind the scenes. And in fact its not all bad news, just today there was apparently a small victory won on the side of the band. One small battle in what will (unfortunately) likely be a rather drawn out war...

...On another note, at last I've gotten the old archives of Karls Corner back in order. Below are links to review everything that was on the page from January 2000 till May 2001, when we switched to the current format. These links are all pop up windows, and will soon be placed at the bottom of the page along with the current archive searching feature, (which only goes back to May). Eventually , all the old news will be integrated into the search feature, which will be modified so you can look up a specific month without having to wait for tons of unwanted data to load...

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