Karl's Corner - 08/11/2001

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8/11/01 whoa nelly!

update:we're doing some work on the message board so it might be a little buggy from sunday 1:30 until monday afternoon.

...leave it to weezer to send some suprises our way...Ive just learned some wild stuff:

...This coming wednesday, weezer will be shooting ANOTHER video for "Island In The Sun", this time with our old buddy Spike Jonez! Why? How? Huh? Well, apparently Spike was very interested in doing the second video for the Green Album, but only became available shortly before the shoot with Marcos Siega happened last month. (You may or may not know that he was busy working on his second feature film until very recently.) He tried to get in touch with Rivers and the gang, but apparently was stymied by the same email server malfunction that hit us right about that time, and couldnt get in touch in time. He has since gotten in touch and expressed his desire to do another weezer video, which is great, as everyone in weezer was hoping he would do another one (or 2, or 3...) someday. Meanwhile the record company has apparently become a bit impatient with the first Island video, even though its being played twice a day on Mtv, which by todays standards ain't too shabby! They expressed their desire to try something new, right when the band had been contacted by Spike. So, by a interesting coincidence, theyre going to make a new "Island" video together this coming Wednesday! I will hopefully be there to shoot some pics and report on the goings on. The idea for the video is still top secret, but the little I heard sounded incredible!

...meanwhile, not everything is so rosy. I've learned that Mikey has not come to rehearsals in L.A. yet, due to some sort of private medical problem (no, not a cliche rock-star drug problem!). He has been holed up in Boston near his family. The rest of the guys are waiting for word, but have decided that theres so much work coming up for the band that they had better try out some bass players in case Mikey can't make it. So in between learning new songs with just Brian Pat and Rivers in rehearsal, theyve begun trying out different bass players, which as any band knows is extremely difficult. Thats all I know for now, and we'll keep you posted...

...additionally, the legal troubles between the band and their manager are in "high gear" these days, with all sorts of crazy behind the scenes drama going down. At this point so many things are "pending" and "in process" that theres nothing I can actually safely report on. Hopefully there will be some good news someday!

...also ive been going through the 13 pages of Corner archives (linked below) and fixing missing pictures all over the place. If you were a little dissapointed at all those little red "x's" on pages 4-9, they should be all good now...(if you get "red x's" on page 10 (like i sometimes do), its due to server timeouts- just right-click the missing picture and choose "show picture", and it will come in... Mac users hold down the mouse on the red "x" and click "show missing picture")

a few more shops where the Green Album on Vinyl LP can be found...
1) Washington DC Area: Orpheus Records - Arlington, VA.
2) Washington DC Area: Yesterday & Today Records - Silver Spring, MD
3) Washington DC Area: Music Machine - Owings Mills, MD (near Baltimore)
4) Fords, NJ: Vintage Vinyl ...for 12.99.
5) Grand Rapids MI: Vertigo records (71 Division St.) (no LP, but has hash pipe 7" and are getting some Good Life singles on the 13th and 14th)