Karl's Corner - 08/20/2001

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8/20/01 all things re-considered

...While there still is a serious lack of detail known, the guys have at last reported a small amount of contact with Mikey. It seems as though Mikey is apparently still in some sort of care facility, though whether he is simply resting or undergoing treatment is unknown. We do know that it sounds like he is stable and not in danger at this point. However, the guys have gotten no definate indication of when or even if he can return. In the meantime, they wish him well, await further word, and extend their invitation. It must be noted that there remains considerable confusion over what exactly is going on with Mikey, as very little info has filtered in, and it remains extremely difficult to get a hold of him or those who are close to him.

...meanwhile, a bit more info on temporary bass fill-in Scott Shriner has filtered in. He normally plays in a band called "Broken", which I've never heard, but from some photos and descriptions ive seen, its pretty aggro and heavy. This is quite a contrast to most of weezer's music, but when you break it down to talent, Scott definately rocks. I witnessed one rehearsal last week with him playing (before he was announced as the official fill-in), and he definately has the necessary skills (and had significantly toned down his wardrobe, from what i could tell). He works very hard and comes up with good ideas as they play together. I can't say I know the guy at this point, but I can say he's a gifted player.

...In case you missed it, the opening acts for the September USA tour have been announced. All the USA shows will begin with a set by The Start, continue with Cold, and then Weezer. I am currently unfamiliar with the music of these opening bands, but I do know that Rivers has reported really liking several songs by Cold.

...Rivers has continued to write and introduce new songs in rehearsal, which has pushed the number of brand new songs that no one outside the band has yet heard to around 30! Next week the guys plan on recording a big set of demos that will encompass all 30+ songs. These will be the first new band demos recorded since the BBC Sessions in June.