Karl's Corner - 08/10/2001

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8/10/01: bits, bytes, 3 million hits!?

...brand new song rehearsals continue in L.A., no pics or details yet. Also, we will be posting tour dates ASAP... right now it looks like about 15 dates in the USA/Canada in September (I'm assuming there will be more North American dates later in the year, as 15 shows obviously cant cover everywhere...), and then going overseas in October... Europe again? When we know, you'll know.

...our brave little counter (below) has cracked 3 million hits! 3 MILLION hits!?! Good greif!

..."Those who slept", take note: On Thursday, August 30th on NBC, (12:30am EST) The Conan O Brien Show will be rerunning the June 5th episode, when Weezer was the musical guest. Get your VCRs ready...

...It looks like Mtv has nominated "Hash Pipe" in their "Best Rock Video" category in this years Video Music Awards, which take place in early September. They are up against the rock heavyweights of Aerosmith, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and Staind, so it ain't gonna be easy! (...too bad its not a viewers choice award, you guys would smoke 'em!)

...However, here's one vote you can influence! voting has begun for the Online
Music Awards in the category of Peoples Choice. This vote is for "favorite/best band website"! The word from the official website is this:

"Basically, if there's a site out there that you think knocks spots off the rest, or if your favourite band's site is the one you visit most, vote for it here and they could be picking up a prize at the glittering awards ceremony in London on September 27th. There's an added bonus for voters too - a Top-Notch Technics Hi-Fi for one lucky voter picked at random."

...sad news for a major weezer fan: The freinds of Chris Caughron, who, like many of you is a huge fan of weezer, have informed us here at weezer.com that Chris is not doing well in his fight with cancer, and may not have much time left. We have signed his guest book, and I'm sure that he and his family would love some nice words from some fellow weezer fans. The guestbook is found at their website . Thanks, everyone, and best wishes and rock music to Chris!

...finally, let me (re)state a fact, once again: weezer never signed on to do the Reading/Leeds festival! They arent playing it because they never were able to play it. the festival's promoter put their name on the ads and posters because he/she must have somehow felt sure that weezer would be doing it. If you are being told that weezer "cancelled" this gig, then you are being lied to!

More places to find the weez on wax! Green Album LP's (and 7" singles where noted) spotted at...
1) Uncle Bucks in Oxford, MS. "for a good price"
2) (revised) The Clubhouse in Chicago, IL is "the store next to the Metro" that carries the LP.
3) Plan 9 Music, in Richmond VA
4) Hot Topic, First Colony Mall in Sugarland, TX (7" singles only)
5) Tumblin' Dice Music, in El Paso, Texas (both US 7", and the UK import 7", no LPs)
6) Flat Black and Circular, in Lansing, MI Hashpipe 7" ($5) and Green Album LP($11)
7) Record and Tape Traders, both in Towson and Bel Air, MD, for $12.99 (also 7" and import CD singles)
8) Newbury Comics, in Shrewsbury, MA (LP and 7")
9) Bill's Records and Tapes, in Dallas TX (also some japanese import CDs)
10)Eastunes, in Grand Rapids, MI (Green LP plus possibly the 7", as well as rare singles and imports from japan, uk, and australia)
11)online at interpunk.com (7" ($6) and CD import single ($10.25), no LPs)
12)Missing Link Records, in Broad Ripple, IN.
13)HMV on Oxford St in London (sold out?)(LP is an import in the UK, very difficult to find there)
14)CD Warehouse in Carbondale, IL. (will special order it if they sell out)
15)Hot Topic in Olympia, WA (7" only)
16)Hot Topic in Galleria Mall, in White Plains, NY, 7" (but no LPs)
17)Ditch Records in Victoria B.C., Canada
18)park ave. cd's in winter park (orlando), FL
19)Hot Topic at Gennesee Valley Mall in Flint, MI: "TONS" of the Hash Pipe/I Do 7"s
20)(update)Tower Records on 66th street in NYC: LP sold out now?
21)Pop Tunes in Collierville, TN: 7" w/ "i do" b side, for $0.99