Karl's Corner - 11/07/2000

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...Today after practice (during which another new X-mas song was learned, for still-mysterious reasons...) the guys went to check out a recording studio in Hollywood which recently opened up due to someone else's canceling... The guys liked what they saw, and it has the best chance of all the studios we've been looking at to house the recording of album #3...In its favor, the album that many consider to be the best in rock music history was made there... so its got that going for it, anyway.

...A lot of people have been clamoring to know what the names of the brand new songs are. Well, there are a large number of them, but I can tell you for sure the 5 that were on the demo we sent to Interscope/Geffen the other day... "No More Confusin'", "Sugar Booger", "Don't Let Go", "Ayleen", and "Cryin' And Lonely".

...for a glimpse of a song thats not any of those 5, go to the W.F.O. page, at the bottom youll find a new mpeg of the guys in rehersal...

...ALSO (late addition): i just added a second short clip of that new song, plus finally got the full size version of the "Clovis Inferno" clip up...