Karl's Corner - 11/20/2000

From Weezerpedia

...Today the guys dove right back into making a whole new set of demos. While I went and delivered the master tapes of the 2 Christmas song remixes, the band was already getting brand new stuff on tape...never let it be said that these guys don't work hard!

...this morning KROQ Los Angeles played a snippet of "the Christmas Song" on the air, as a teaser for the Kevin and Bean CD. I hear that it's being released next week, but I'm not positive about the date yet. I've also heard that when it goes on sale, it might be available to purchase online at kroq.com...that would give people outside of L.A. a chance... but again, I dont have the full info at this time, so I'm not positive that that will be the case.

...also , I've just put up the first mp3 over on the W.F.O. page... as well as getting the page better organized, with the newest stuff at the top. Check it out for a loud rock extravaganza that I can guarantee you weren't expecting!