Karl's Corner - 11/15/2000 (b)

From Weezerpedia

...okay, it looks like somehow the cat's out of the bag, so to avoid 8000 confused emails: Friday the 17th is supposed to be the official launch of the Yahoo! site devoted to the Feb/Mar weezer tour. I dont think it is going to be fully functional till then (and I know they are going to add a ton of stuff as the days and weeks go on towards the tour...), but you can go see whats up at the Yahoo! Outloud weezer tour website The big news is that they are selling the tickets exclusively online for a while, before they go on sale in "the real world"...I think a few shows are going on sale, or might even be on sale already... I just have to warn you that it might not *quite* be 100 percent ready yet!