Retreat from the Sun

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Retreat from the Sun
Retreat from the Sun cover
Studio album by that dog.
Released April 8, 1997
Recorded unknown
Genre Alternative rock
Label DGC
Producer Brad Wood and that dog.
that dog. chronology
Totally Crushed Out!
Retreat from the Sun
Old LP
This page is for the album. For the song of the same name, see Retreat from the Sun (song).

Retreat from the Sun is the third album by that dog.


That dog.'s previous disc, 1995's Totally Crushed Out!, failed to make much of a dent in the music industry, despite being somewhat promoted by DGC, and toured behind heavily by the band. Also, the sudden and rapid success of friends and labelmates Weezer left the band a bit bitter.

These factors left de facto leader Anna Waronker disillusioned with the industry, and she contemplated her future. Additionally, Waronker wasn't getting along with certain members of the group, which only exascerbated the situation.

Waronker began writing songs, intending them for a solo project. However, upon hearing some demos, Geffen insisted she put them to use within the band structure, and steered the project toward a third that dog. album. Reluctantly, she agreed, and Retreat from the Sun was released in 1997.


The album did marginally better than its predecessor, with "Never Say Never" gaining slight attention at radio and MTV, but inner-band tensions only increased, and it seemed the damage had been done long ago. After a summer tour, culminating in the tribute concert for Mykel and Carli Allan in Hollywood on August 15th, the band issued a statement that September announcing their split.

Japanese bonus track

The Japanese pressing of the album features an exclusive bonus track, "Fuck You", a lo-fi punk rocker in the tradition of the band's earlier material.

Track listing

All songs written by Anna Waronker except as indicated

  1. "I'm Gonna See You" 4:15
  2. "Never Say Never" 3:16
  3. "Being with You" 3:47
  4. "Gagged and Tied" (Steven McDonald, that dog.) 3:16
  5. "Retreat from the Sun" 3:39
  6. "Minneapolis" 3:50
  7. "Annie" 3:40
  8. "Every Time I Try" 4:28
  9. "Long Island" 2:36
  10. "Hawthorne" 2:35
  11. "Did You Ever" (Anna Waronker, John Goldman) 3:06
  12. "Cowboy Hat" 3:50
  13. "Until the Day I Die" 4:17
  14. "Fuck You" (exclusive bonus track for Japan) (Waronker, Maxwell) 2:51


  • Anna Waronker - lead vocals, guitars, piano
  • Petra Haden - violin, vocals
  • Rachel Haden - bass, vocals
  • Tony Maxwell - drums, vocals, surf guitar on 5
  • Brad Wood - producer
  • Tanya Haden - cello on 2, 8, & 13
  • Charlotte Caffey - synthesizer on 2, ryhthm guitar on 6
  • Alix Fournier - French horns on 13
  • Chick Wolverton - shakers and additional guitar on 12