Weezer concert: 05/21/1997

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Weezer concert: 05/21/1997
Location Seattle, Washington
Date May 21, 1997
Bootleg Circulating
Weezer live show chronology
05/19/1997 - Boston, MA 05/21/1997 - Seattle, WA 05/24/1997 - George, WA

Weezer performed an acoustic set for KNDD 107.7 The End in Seattle, Washington on May 21, 1997 as a warm-up for the No Doubt leg of the Pinkerton Tour. The band was interviewed live on radio, as well as playing a mix of pre-recorded and live songs. The possibility of a proper single release of "Pink Triangle" was first revealed during this segment after a fan called in asking about it.[1]

An excerpt of the interview was later included as a hidden track under the name "Interview - 107.7 The End - Blue vs. Pinkerton" on the deluxe edition of Pinkerton in 2010.


No. Title
1. "Pink Triangle" (Live at Shorecrest High School)  
2. "Undone - The Sweater Song"    
3. "Why Bother?"    
4. "El Scorcho"    
5. "The Good Life" (Album version)  
6. "Buddy Holly" (Album version)  

"Pink Triangle" is a live version recorded from Shorecrest High School on November 6, 1996.
"The Good Life" and "Buddy Holly" are both played directly from their studio album recordings.


All photos in this section were taken by Eric Holl and provided by Alec Longstreth.

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