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A spread of original Weezine issues.

Weezine was the official Weezer Fan Club periodical, the title being an amalgam of Weezer and 'zine', the shortened moniker for amateur, photocopied publications.


Original run

When the official Weezer Fan Club was started by Mykel and Carli Allan in late 1994, one of the first orders of business was to establish a quarterly zine to serve as the primary source of band news for dedicated fans.[citation needed] This resulted in the creation of Weezine, a publication hand-crafted by the two and sent out to all club members. Issues of the zine consisted of around 14 pages, each filled with fan encounters, information on b-sides, discography updates, tour dates, interviews with the band, Karl's Corner, forms to order band merch, and anything else related to the Weezer.

Following the death of Mykel and Carli in 1997, Karl Koch took over full control of the zine (beginning with issue #11, which was dedicated as a tribute to the sisters). Production of the zines slowed down significantly at this time, both due to Koch's busy life, and due to the lack of news caused by the band's hiatus. Weezine, alongside the fan club as a whole, would be officially ended by Koch and the band around 2000.[1]

The original run of Weezine ran for a total of 14 issues from Winter, 1994 to May, 1999.

Later releases

Volume 2 (2002–2003)

The publication was revived in a small capacity in 2002, following the formation of a new fan club by Koch and a fan named Suzanne. A new run of Weezine began, now with the label "volume 2", separating it from the '90s zine. It ran for a total of three issues from Fall, 2002, to Spring, 2003.[2] While this "volume" of Weezine was sanctioned by Koch, he also writes that it was considered to be "unofficial" by the band as a whole, as they had collectively decided to do away with an official band fan club at the time.[1]

Continuation of Vol. 1 (2018–present)

In 2018, an issue of Weezine titled 2018 VIP Karl's Corner Experience Edition was released, included as part of the VIP bundle for the Summer 2018 Weezer/Pixies Tour. It was the first in the history of the publication to be printed in color, as well as the first not to be distributed through the fan club. Another similar issue was included in the VIP bundle for the Spring 2019 Weezer/Pixies Tour. These have retroactively been labeled issues #15 and #16, continuing the numbering of the '90s zines.[3]

On November 26, 2021, issue #17 of Weezine was announced, titled Tales of Weezer. Instead of following the traditional zine format, this issue consisted of a full-color 64 page illustrated book recounting historical Weezer events. It was written by Koch and illustrated by Alec Longstreth.


Volume 1

Karl's Corner VIP Experiences


Volume 2 (unofficial)

* - Scans available


In 2015, a collection of all 14 original Weezine issues entitled the Weezine Omnibus was released, exclusively for fan club members. It featured high quality scans of each issue, alongside many of the different letters and goodies that were sent to members of the fan club throughout the 90's. It was compiled and designed by Alec Longstreth and edited by Karl Koch.[4]

Longstreth and Koch would collaborate again to release a new version of this collection in 2016 under the title of Weezine Omnibus: Deluxe Edition. It featured scans of the original color copies of each Weezine issue, as well as over 100 extra pages containing various fan club materials pulled from Koch's vault. It was intended as a definitive source of fan club info for hardcore Weezer fans.[5]

Other fanzines

This section requires expansion.

Around 1996, the first issue of the zine The Teenage Infatuation with Matt Sharp That Ate My Brain... and My Buick Too Issue (or Mattzine) titled "The Prom Edition", was released to members of a fan-run Matt Sharp fanclub. It was likely the zine's only issue.

A fan club for the Special Goodness, the band of Patrick Wilson, was formed by a fan around 2001. The club released one issue of a Special Goodness zine. Among its contents included an interview with Wilson and Mikey Welsh conducted by a fan in 1999.[6]

In October, 2006, a webzine titled Jonas Comix was released online by the Weezer forum WeezerJonas. It was featured in the October 27, 2006 Karl's Corner, where Koch calls it "Weezine Mk3".

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