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Karl's Corner - 02/01/2001

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...recording day 34 (mixing day 2)...today a ton of work got done in the studio, despite a wild "girls night only" models party taking place right next door at the hotel bar, which was somewhat distracting. Both "O Lisa" and "Hash Pipe" were mixed which was great considering it often takes a whole day to get one song done. Meanwhile in the other room, several songs including "Don't Let Go" got some final touch up guitar and vocal work, making them totally ready to mix. At one point Mikey and I even got to team up singing with Ric to try out a "gang" vocal part! What fun...

Karlscorner-20010201-a.jpg Karlscorner-20010201-b.jpg

Karlscorner-20010201-c.jpg Karlscorner-20010201-d.jpg