Karl's Corner - 02/09/2001

From Weezerpedia

...recording day 42 (mixing day 10)...SECOND LAST DAY OF MIXING...thats right, today was the penultimate day of work here in Florida. Tomorrow we are supposed to wrap up at 3 PM and got to the airport, but if the work isnt finished we'll go as long as we have to and leave on Sunday instead. Anyway, today Tom finished up "Gonna Make My Move", fully mixed "Crab", and got started on "Always". Tomorrow should see him mixing "Always" and then doing 4 "re-calls", where a previously finished mix is put back up for a minor change. As the mixes are listened to and "lived with", occasionally a small problem is heard, and Rivers wants to iron out everything he can while Tom is around to fix it!

...meanwhile Rivers continued his last minute singing chores, mostly concentrating on the "New Song", which will be finished up and mixed in L.A. in a few days. Downstairs, the Friday night booty shaking hip hop party had returned to the hotel lobby, so we took breaks to go out and mingle with people who definitely did not seem to want us around, as if we were disturbing their booty wonderland...

...on a side note, I saw Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast" video tonight. (un)holy cow!