Karl's Corner - 02/14/2001

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...Today is (was) weezer's 9th anniversary as a band! Thats right, exactly 9 years ago today the very first band rehearsal was held. It's really hard to believe its been that long, but a bit of reflection reveals a mountain of memories, and more stuff than even I can keep track of. And though '98 and '99 were on the lean side, I hope our burst of activity in 2000 and now 2001 is making up for it! Happy Valentines day too!

...weezer's Valentines day sadly had no time for romance. As Pat re-joined the gang here in L.A., last minute plans were coming together all day. Complex planning was required, because tomorrow is utterly chock full of activities for both band and crew alike. This includes a major photo shoot for a magazine cover, and a last minute recording session to try and correct a few things that Rivers has been hearing in the final mixes. Combined with the fact that (most of) the band's gear is being shipped to Texas tomorrow to make it in time for the tour next week, you've got "Grand Central Station"-like chaos going on...its like an anthill thats been stepped on around here! My "Miami cold" isnt helping one bit...(pass the Kleenex!) ...But... like Gloria Gaynor, I (and we) will survive!

...sorry no pictures for the last few days, they should return with tomorrows update...