Karl's Corner - 02/07/2001

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...recording day 40 (mixing day 8)...today Tom finished the mix of "Sugar Booger", and then moved on, completing the mix for "Knock-down Drag-out". At this point there are 4 songs remaining to mix that are intended for the album, "Teenage Victory Song", "Always", "Inside A Smile", and the untitled "New Song". Tom expects to finish the mixes for the first three of those songs, plus hopefully a b-side or two, before we leave on Saturday. The "New song", meanwhile, is now to be finished up and mixed back in L.A., as Rivers has some special plans for its instrumentation...

...while Tom was mixing, Rivers continued the work on the remaining songs. Carlos the engineer and I joined Rivers for another set of 'gang' vocals on "Teenage Victory Song", and Rivers did a whole bunch of vocal and guitar work on that song plus "Inside A Smile".

...yet another 9 holes of golf today. We did worse than yesterday! oh, the shame...

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