Karl's Corner - 02/03/2001

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...recording day 36 (mixing day 4)...kind of a strange day. Tom the mixer finished up "O Girlfriend", but thats it for him till Monday, leaving us with some time to kill. Tomorrow on Sunday some more last minute recording is scheduled, but for half of today we were on the loose. First we went to the Orange Bowl, to catch the "friendly" soccer match between the US and Colombian national teams. The game was really exciting, but the USA lost 1-0, after dominating the majority of the game. Later we went to see "Traffic", which got another unanimous thumbs up!

...well, after several days here, we all feel a bit out of place. So far we've seen hardly anyone who looks like they like rock music, or even know what it is. In Rivers's words, "I havent seen anyone I could imagine sitting down with and really talking to." Just last night our hotel hosted a serious hip-hop nightclub in the lobby, and it was wall to wall Armani suits, bottles of Crystal, and huge bass drum sounds. There was so much Miami style going down, we didnt even know what to do. I guess we knew South Beach isnt exactly known as a geek-rock hangout, but we didnt realize just how out of place we would feel. But anyway, it's fun to explore and check it out, and we have spotted a few isolated weezer fans here and there (...and it seems they spotted us too!)

...okay folks, I've stayed up all night working on a new video clip, "The Battle of Ever Hamne", so be sure to check it out over on the "w.f.o." page ...