Karl's Corner - 11/06/2000

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..hello everyone, I'm sorry the last few days were so quiet around here, but it looks like we are back for the attack now. If you spot any missing pictures or bad links, please let me know...

...The weez men have been plugging away, same as before, adding a new song to the repertoire almost every day... I have been shooting special extra footage for the Yahoo! tour promotion website, today for example I followed Brian around after practice, as he went to do his laundry... I'm getting a lot of footage, so I'm sure i can pop up a few little bits here and there without spoiling the Yahoo stuff later on...

...strangeness on the Interscope/Geffen front: We found out, almost by accident, that they actually haven't given their official approval for the guys to start the record. The guys polished up a BEAUTIFUL 5 song demo the other day, that we knew was being given to the "higher-ups" at Interscope. But we caught wind that the "higher-ups" were considering this demo a "test"....Its a darn good thing the guys worked so hard on this latest tape! If the bigwigs can't hear the awesomeness of these new songs with this tape, then they simply arent listening. We shall see! ...As far as I know, the recording schedule is still set to go (and will be announced as soon as I am allowed to!)