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Karl's Corner - 11/16/2000

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...wow...its been far too long a day...but productive!...today the guys did the first of 2 days of work at a "pro" studio in Hollywood, to touch up and re-mix the 2 Christmas songs for the Geffen radio CD... There were various delays and technical difficulties, but now "The Christmas Song" is all done, and tomorrow its on to "Christmas Celebration"...

I just gave myself a massive headache trying to get some new video software to work, the results were mixed. Somehow after 2 hours of work my original files (complete with with cool fades and scene transfers) were damaged, and I ended up with only the first 20 seconds of my new mpeg to show for it. But I promised a new video tonight, so I've put it up anyway!! So check it out at the bottom of the W.F.O. page. Its (sort of) the beginning of "The Christmas Song" ...I'll be re-do ing it soon...