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Karl's Corner - 11/17/2000

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...firstly, look above for the link to the Yahoo! weezer Outloud tour site. It will be fully functional by Monday, I'm told, but I understand several shows are already on sale...go see for yourself, especially after Monday...

...today I went up to Bakersfield to visit some friends for the weekend. So I'm not sure of the details of what happened today in the studio. When I left LA around noon, they were still looking for an engineer for the session...I assume they finished their work and delivered the re-vamped X-mas songs to Geffen...

...I've gotten a TON more regional weezer news reports from you guys, thank you so much! I will be posting nearly all of them shortly.. I'll probably start a new page for them, as they take up a lot of space. Thanks again, people, for letting us know whats up in your neck of the weezer woods!