Karl's Corner - 11/21/2000

From Weezerpedia

...Tonight after rehersal and recording was finished for the day, Rivers and I attended the last show of "The Anger Management Tour", at the Pond in Anahiem. The president of Geffen invited us down, as the two main acts (Eminem and Limp Bizkit) are on Interscope, which Geffen is basically part of. So we asked ourselves: Free all access passes to a show that includes not only the above mentioned artists, but also, Papa Roach and Xzibit? How could you refuse such a freakout scene? Anyway, it was LOUD, but we brought our earplugs, and there were insane amounts of explosions, huge robots, breakdancers, electric chairs, chainsaws, dancing girls in red baseball caps, not to mention crotch grabbings and curse words too numerous to count. Absolutely bizarre. I must say, it was quite a show, even if I was only familiar with a handful of songs from each artist. Backstage security was rediculously tight, and we were unable to hang with too many people, but we did manage to say hello to Papa Roach's singer and guitar player. I was secretly hoping to get a photo of Rivers with Fred Durst and/or Eminem, but it was not to be. As proof of our strange adventure, heres a blurry photo of Eminem performing.

...also, I've confirmed that the Kevin and Bean KROQ xmas CD (featuring the first mix of weezer's "The Christmas Song")is going on sale next Tuesday, November 28th. For sure at L.A. area Wherehouse stores, and possibly online. I havent learned any more about it being sold online , but I know I heard somewhere that last year's cd was sold at kroq.com??? Apologies in advance if I'm totally wrong on this one.

...Also, here's a bit more info on the next issue of Alternative Press. Its the January 2001 issue, it goes on sale in about a week, and it looks like this. (the arrows are my addition) Weezer is one of the bands in their "Most anticipated of 2001" article, which will feature a photo of the guys that should solve a little mystery for some of you...