Karl's Corner - 11/12/2000

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...in other news, heres some fans' reports from around the nation:

note, all the fan's news reports have been movd to a new page designed especially for them. Fans' news page ...If you have interesting local weezer news (radio/tv/newspaper/school events, etc), email karl with them, and (most likely) they will be put up on this new page!)

...so, anyone in L.A. see the new 2001 KROQ Calendar? Supposedly, weezer is in it. A while ago, we turned in a photo that I shot (you'll recognize it if you see it), and they said they were going to put it in... anyone?

...also, I finally got some info on some more mp3 songs that are NOT weezer, thanks to Scott Sussman for figuring this one out. I guess theres a 12 song group of mp3s out there that are labeled "new weezer album". the titles of the songs are: Rig It Up, Somewhere (feat. Eddie Vedder), Rainbow of Love, The Good Times, Betsy, A Song About You, Mad Cow Disease, Jean Baptiste, No Other Girl, Elvis Presley, Red Cirle, Why Can’t You. Some of the songs are actually by the band Pavement, from their album "Slanted and Enchanted," made in 1992. Other ones (sorry ive never checked to see which ones were which) are by a band called Ibold Train. However the mp3 song titles are made up, in other words, they are just the Pavement and Ibold Train songs renamed.

...and while we're at it, "Mrs. Robinson" is the Lemonheads covering Simon and Garfunkel, and "Brown Eyed Girl" is a Van Morrison song, I dont know if this mp3 is the original or some other band covering it.