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Karl's Corner - 11/26/2000

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...The "pairing down" process continues, even as more brand new songs join the fray! I dont know how those guys can remember how to play them all, It's getting crazy!

..I'm sorry to hear about the confusion some of you are having with the tickets. Ive heard that stuff should be fairly straightened out as of tomorrow (Monday).. I hope so.

...well, you asked for the song titles, you got 'em!: this is The List as of yesterday. Today a few of these bit the dust, but I don't know which ones. Some of these are really old. like 1998-1999, some are from the spring of 2000, some (the ones you'd recognize) are from the summertime, and a bunch are from the fall up to present day. From this point, at least half of these will be eliminated in the next 2 weeks. The final "Ric cut" will be no more than 30 songs. Keep in mind that Rivers is **still** cranking out a great song almost every day... and I mean great!

    Oh Girlfriend
    Hash Pipe
    New Joint
    Gimmie Some Love
    Modern Dukes
    Burning Sun
    Sugar Booger
    No More Confusin'
    Mad Kow
    Oh Lisa
    Dope Nose
    Ev'rybody Go Away
    The Badger
    Childhood Ties
    Castles In The Sand
    The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World
    Preacher's Son
    Cryin' and Lonely
    Ska Song
    Too Late to Try
    You're Fun To Play With
    Knock-down Drag-out
    Sister Song (Your Sister)
    Inside A Smile
    Don't Let Go
    I Hear Bells
    Tough Guy Hat
    My Best Friends Are Gone
    Beautiful Demons
    Island In The Sun
    It's A Game
    No More Disappointments
    My Brain
    If You Want It
    Ev'ry Night
    Peace And Quiet
    Move It On
    Take It Slow
    Jewish Cat
    Teenage Victory Song
    Seeds Fall Down
    Cherry Berry
    Somebody Save Me
    Left Foot Down
    Fun Time
    On The Edge
    I Wish U Luck
    New Day
    I Hip
    Happiness Together
    Mr. Taxman
    Drink In The Water

...Tonight was the benefit show for Petra Hayden, which was apparently a sell-out success. Though weezer is simply not prepared to go do a show right now, after rehearsal Rivers checked out part of the show and was happy to report seeing Petra up and about, getting around fairly well on her crutches. As I understand it, more benefit shows are planned in other cities, and I think all the support Petra is getting is awesome. Hopefully weezer will have a chance to help out.

...on 12/31/00, Where you gonna be at? If its in San Diego, it might just be spent watching a weezer show. More details when they are known...

...Skate video recommendation : "Destroying America" by Hook-Ups. Funny!!!