Karl's Corner - 11/13/2000

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...the serious work continues...the guys have been putting in 18 hour days, working constantly on new songs and recording demos of them. Two of these, "The Christmas Song" (an earlier mix of which was already sent to KROQ for the Kevin and Bean CD) and a new one "Christmas Celebration", were polished up and given to Geffen for a special promo-only holiday season CD. Needing pictures for the cover, we took a bunch of crazy shots of the guys in Santa suits. In a few days Geffen is sending this cd out to tons of radio stations around the country as a "Christmas card", so if you want to hear this stuff, be sure and call up your local radio stations and request "the Christmas Song" by weezer!


On Wednesday, the president of Geffen Records is coming over to Rivers's house to watch the rehersal and hopefully give the band the "green light" for the new album. Weezer doesnt know him very well yet, but does know that he signed Limp Bizkit to Interscope, and hasn't paid much attention to weezer through much of 2000 beacuse he was so busy with Limp Bizkit...Hopefully he likes what he hears on Wednesday!

...also, when we said that the Clovis, CA show back in September was the "last weezer show in 2000", well, we might have been fibbing by accident. Theres talk now of doing 2 big shows in the near future, possibly even within a month. I literally have been forbidden from saying any more on the subject, but I assure you that you guys will be the first to know the details...

oh, and thanks for the flood of "local radio weezer news" reports that youve sent in- I will be putting up some more of these shortly...