Karl's Corner - 11/22/2000

From Weezerpedia

...Today me and Mikey went looking for a particular old bass, but our searches turned up empty. However, I scored a great Casio sampling keyboard from the mid-80's, a real piece of lovable junk, so the quest wasnt wasted. Later everyone met back at the studio for another meeting with Geffen's president, to listen to the latest batch of new demos, which were worked on for the last 5 days incessantly. The meeting went really well, and all agreed that the new songs were dynamite! Also discussions officially started today on what songs to keep for the album. At this point its quite a big list to choose from!!

...i just put up a massive update on the "Fan's news reports" page. The link is up above, check it out for some good weezer news reading!

...There have been a ton of Yahoo tour questions, I have some possible answers: I THINK (but dont know for sure) that: the "free gift" is redeemable at the show you attend. I believe that these online-only tickets come in 6 different "styles", named after different weezer songs, and each style gets you a different gift. One gift (again, I think) is a weezer guitar pick with built-in (printed) autographs by the band. This would be the first ever "official" weezer pick! Also, I beleive that the ticket prices you see online already reflect the 5$ off thing, in other words, after Dec. 31st out in the "real" world, tickets will go up 5$ in price (assuming there are some left at that point...) Some people have mentioned seeing a 5$ rebate page at Ticketmaster.com. We dont think that this has anything to do with our own "hard-core fan special", but more power to you if you can work that thing too. Remember that the outloud.yahoo.com site will be continuously updated, with details on all this kind of stuff, as well as video stuff that I shot (dont worry youll still be getting new clips on the WFO page here too!), and other stuff as well...

...also, today I got this angry e-mail about yesterday's concert story:

"Limp Bizkit? F**k all that s**t. All the reasons I liked you guys have just been s**t on. I am very disappointed in you guys. You will do anything to make sure you make your f**king million dollars.. even trying to get a picture with Fred Durst. You might as well give Axel Rose a r** j**. Same Caliber. Yuck.

--A very disappointed =w= fan"

...to which I responded with:

J--, youve got to cool down! remember: it was free, it was done for laughs, it was basicly like a scientific expedition into the jungle or something. Lighten up!

and what million dollars? I only recall losing 8 bucks for parking. The picture would have been funny! A study in contrasts, etc.

anyway, dont fly off the handle or we'll start going to Slipknot shows...(joke!)