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Death to False Metal

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Death to False Metal
Death to False Metal cover
Compilation album by Weezer
Released November 2, 2010
Recorded 1993-2008
Genre Alternative rock
Length 37:18
Label Geffen Records
Producer(s) Weezer, Rick Rubin, Shawn Everett, Rivers Cuomo
Professional reviews

Metascore 56
Weezer chronology
Death to False Metal
Everything Will Be Alright in the End

Death to False Metal is a compilation album of previously unreleased Weezer songs, released on November 2, 2010. Rivers Cuomo said that the tracks are "great songs, great recordings, but for some reason they didn't make the final cut for a record. And like the Alone record, they span a vast period of time from the very beginning of our career in the early '90s right up to the present day. But I have no idea when that would come out. It's just another fun project to do."


As far back as 2003, Karl Koch had compiled a b-sides and rarities Weezer collection to be released by Geffen. At the time, he had already decided on a track listing and cover art image.

The project, originally known as Odds and Ends was first mentioned by Brian Bell on KROQ when Weezer performed on Kevin and Bean's morning show during the summer of 2008. In a Billboard interview that took place before the 2009 Summer Tour, the band was asked about the status of Odds and Ends to which Bell replied "What's Odds and Ends"? Cuomo then stated that the project hasn't even been thought about and the band keeps auditioning songs from their unreleased back catalog for new albums, therefore any Weezer compilation is unlikely in the near future.

In October 2009, Cuomo was asked in an interview if the band was ever going to release a box set of unreleased songs. He responded by saying that it was likely the band would focus on releasing a compilation after the release of Raditude. He stated that a deluxe version of Pinkerton and a greatest hits were also upcoming. In this interview Cuomo mentioned Odds and Ends by name [5].

In August 2010, Brian Bell referred to the Odds and Ends compilation by the title Death to False Metal. On August 26, Karl posted a blog on the Weezer official site giving more details about the compilation. Referring to Death to False Metal and Pinkerton's Deluxe Edition, he stated both releases were due out on November 2, 2010. "Death To False Metal will have several different exclusive bonus tracks (beyond the main album) available thru different digital and possibly international outlets. You will want to gather them all, as they all are pretty darn cool. Including the bonus tracks, Death To False Metal's time span of material runs from 1993 to 2008, and includes tracks from the 'Weezer mystery year': 1998."

Press Release

Weezer to Release Death To False Metal on November 2

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Weezer's devoted community of fans are getting more new music from the band than ever before, with the upcoming November 2nd release of Death To False Metal (DGC/UMe) – the band's third release of the fourth quarter. Death To False Metal is not a traditional collection of studio leftovers or songs from the vault, but a wholly original follow-up to Weezer's just-released Hurley. The album was created using the basic tracks of 10 previously unreleased recordings-nine never-before-heard songs plus one cover-to assemble a brand new and truly modern-sounding record. The result is an evolution for the band, a giant step forward with a nod to the past.

"These were great songs, great recordings, but for some reason they didn't make the final cut for previous records," Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo stated. "Some just weren't right for the albums we were recording at the time-just a bit ahead of their time or too 'rock.' Now, the time is right to introduce them. Together, they are the album that should logically follow Hurley."

Featuring tracks the band originally began recording from the late '90s to late '00s, Death To False Metal was a labor of love for Cuomo and his co-producer Shawn Everett, as well as the entire band. Each track was individually evaluated by the production team of Cuomo and Everett to figure out how to make each of the songs reach their full potential, and ultimately fit harmoniously on the album. After that process, they then brought in each band member in to complete the parts needed. Some of the ten songs received a major overhaul, while others got the equivalent of a sonic tune-up.

"Turning Up The Radio" is the result of Cuomo's 2008 collaborative YouTube project, "Let's Write a Sawng," for which he invited fans to submit ideas. As they went through the steps of composing a tune, eventually, 15 people became involved. This track is one of only two songs not solely penned by Weezer for Death To False Metal.

"Blowin' My Stack," "Losing My Mind" (which features some of the most raw and personal emotions in a Weezer song), "I'm a Robot," and a rock cover of the massive R&B hit "Un-Break My Heart" were all first recorded prior to the release of 2005's Make Believe. "I Don't Want Your Loving" was originally laid down as a demo for 2002's Maladroit. The abrasive punk-metal "Everyone" hails from post-1998 Pinkerton period, as does the pop song "Trampoline." The piano-based "Odd Couple" and new-wave-style "Auto-Pilot" were laid down prior to 2008's Weezer (aka "The Red Album").

The title Death To False Metal comes from a phrase that Cuomo and his younger brother used when they were kids. Musical integrity was a matter of life or death then, and now the new album is a reminder of how important music is for both Weezer and their many fans. At a time when many of their contemporaries seem to have forgotten how to rock, Weezer is ready to teach them. Cuomo and fellow axe-slinger Brian Bell crafted nine epic guitar solos-one for nearly every song on Death To False Metal-and with the band's signature hooks in full effect, Weezer's school of rock is back in session.



Reviewer Rating Review date Author
Pitchfork Media 3.5/10 stars3.5/10 stars3.5/10 stars3.5/10 stars3.5/10 stars3.5/10 stars3.5/10 stars3.5/10 stars3.5/10 stars3.5/10 stars (3.5/10) November 3, 2010 Ian Cohen
Allmusic 4/5 stars4/5 stars4/5 stars4/5 stars4/5 stars (4/5) Unlisted Stephen Thomas Erlewine
The Onion A.V. Club 4.2/10 stars4.2/10 stars4.2/10 stars4.2/10 stars4.2/10 stars4.2/10 stars4.2/10 stars4.2/10 stars4.2/10 stars4.2/10 stars (C-; 42/100) November 3, 2010 Austin L. Ray

Individual songs

Reviewer Rating Review date Author
"Blowin' My Stack" (Teenage Victory Songs) Positive October 18, 2010 Teenage Victory Songs

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Turning Up The Radio"  Rivers Cuomo, A. Rob Carballo, Paul Dutton, Nishant Thakur, Daniel James Kelsch, Justin Vail, Taylor Morden, Reshad Malik, Daniel Powell, Sam Mitchell, Lauren Sonder, Mike Danger, Kingsley Vanata, Joshua Godinez, Patrick Gannon, Ryan Wiesbrock, Cameron L. Maris 3:37
2. "I Don't Want Your Loving"  Cuomo, Brian Bell, Scott Shriner 3:03
3. "Blowin' My Stack"  Cuomo 3:44
4. "Losing My Mind"  Cuomo 4:02
5. "Everyone"  Cuomo 2:49
6. "I'm a Robot"  Cuomo 2:30
7. "Trampoline"  Cuomo 2:45
8. "The Odd Couple"  Cuomo 3:07
9. "Autopilot"  Cuomo 2:57
10. "Unbreak My Heart"  Diane Warren 4:11
Total length:

Bonus tracks

iTunes and Vinyl bonus track
No. Title Length
11. "Mykel and Carli" (Blue Album sessions version) 3:13
International bonus tracks
No. Title Length
11. "Outta Here"   2:34
12. "Yellow Camaro" (Japan only) 1:54

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