Karl's Corner - 04/06/2001

From Weezerpedia

...On Monday and possibly continuing Tuesday, the band will be shooting their new video for "Hash Pipe", with director Marco Siega. I've only heard fragments of the video concept, so I'm keeping quiet about that. Later in the week, everyone is regrouping and we go to Japan, to start the next wave of touring!

...Some fans have been hearing and requesting the first single "Hash Pipe" already! Apparently WHFS in DC was so flooded with requests thats is already #7 on their "most wanted" list! The WHFS DJ apparently said "it sounds like weezer grew up and grew a set of balls. that song rocked!" Also fans in LA have heard it on KROQ, and on Y-100 in Philly it was the "play of the day"! Any station that hasnt played it yet should have the single shortly, so dont be afraid to let 'em know you want to hear it!

...just a quick tour date update newsflash: the good news is that tickets sold so fast for the first 2 London shows at Shepard's Bush, that a 3rd show has been added on July 5! Hopefully more details about the UK/Europe tour(s) will be available soon...

...the bad news is that contrary to what I was informed of before, weezer will not be playing on the Warped Tour this summer. The band apologizes for psyching anyone up inadvertantly. However, please note that the band is definately going to be touring all summer, so USA/North American dates are definately going to be happening, whether as a headliner or as part of a package or both. But..... no Warped.