Karl's Corner - 04/12/2001

From Weezerpedia

...Well the guys are in Japan now, doing several days of interviews and other promotional appearences before the tour starts this weekend. Apparently the Japanese album release will not be as early as originally announced, so the shows on this tour will not be showcasing as much new material as previously thought. Rivers called it "a sort of extended Outloud tour". I'm not sure of the new Japanese release date, it may be in early May now.

...Speaking of release dates, some folks have been writing me in a panic, having heard of further delays to the US release. I can assure you direct from the band itself that this is NOT so, and that may 15th is the date! It is true that the record label had tried to further push it back till June, but this did NOT go over well with the band...in a heated behind the scenes debate with some label higher-ups, the exasperated guys got their way, and May 15th stuck!

...oh yeah! Rivers had his own summary of the Hash Pipe video shoot as well. He said that everyone in the band was laughing so much due to what was going on around them (which i cant reveal at this point) that they had to re-shoot some scenes a bunch of times. Also he said that "if they edit this thing together the way they should, its going to be the most "weezer" thing we've ever done!"

...and in the "weird" dep't... last night a nearby lightning strike caused a power outage, which somehow fried the modem in my laptop. so I am temporarily working on my way-out-of-date iMac. There are probably some emails and website stuff stuck in the laptop that i cant upload or deal with till i pop in a new modem on the lil' sucker. This should be fixed by this weekend. till then, i can do the corner and respond to new email, but I'll be unable to (correctly) update other RWA pages and respond to emails more than 2 days old for a little while. (Aargh! if its not one darn thing its another!!!)