Karl's Corner - 04/26/2001

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..ok, I've got some basic info about the "US Promotional Tour" As I understand it, this tour consists of some radio station festivals, some radio station appearences/interviews, maybe a few club dates(?), some in-stores appearences, and maybe even some TV appearences(?). Mostly I just have the "where and when" at this point, with no "what" info. As I learn the details they will be integrated into this list...

...hats off to the faithful fans waiting till May 15th to hear the album. There have been some internet shenanigans going on, giving some folks a "sneak preview" of their own. Fine, but isn't it more fun to wait till xmas morning to open your presents? To those that have decided to wait, may the force be with you!

...several people have written in about some special campus events hosted by MTV2, where fans get to watch a screening of all 5 old weezer videos plus some live footage, and then get to listen to the Green Album in a sneak preview party. as one student said:

I'm a student at Iowa State University, and I nearly crapped my pants when I opened up a copy of the school paper and read that there was a listening party tonight. So needless to say, everything I had planned tonight was shelved, and I headed out to the show. It was held at the Maintenance Shop, a small club in ISU's Memorial Union. I showed up at about 6:10 to find the entryway jampacked. People were hyped for this show. We waited paitently until, at about 10 'til 7, they opened the doors. Now, when I think of listening parties, I think of all the secret shindigs being held for Radiohead's upcoming album: plush environments, free drinks and the like. I walked in to find a bare, dingy floor, with a projector set up in the middle of the stage. But they stamped our hands with a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man stamp, which easily made up for the massive error on the sponsors' part... After a few minutes, the host started a tape filled with about five minutes of MTV2 promos. Funny how the show's big sponsor isn't even on our cable system... anyway, once that ended, they proceeded to roll a tape of Weezer videos - "Buddy Holly," "Undone," "Say It Ain't So," "El Scorcho" and "The Good Life" - followed by a old video of a pre-Mikey soundcheck of "In the Garage" and some new tour footage of "My Name Is Jonas" and "El Scorcho." Then, they started the music. The new album sounds very cool - I especially enjoyed "Glorious Day" and "O Girlfriend". Giveaways abounded, including door prizes - a couple of MTV backpacks, an "MTV Skateboarding" Playstation game and a few of the new red Weezer T's - and freebies after the show - a sticker, poster and sampler cassette for everyone. Anyway, it was a pretty cool experience. -Chris Tasler