Karl's Corner - 04/27/2001

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...more reports from Japan, as the band has played their final 2 shows there (both in Tokyo), and have flown home to do the Coachella Festival tomorrow.

• I'd like to report tonight's (final) show at Zepp in Tokyo. I will say the last show in Japan was very successful! I think the audience tonight was much more energetic than last night even though Rivers spoke less Japanese. Some girl asked Rivers during the show, "Rivers Genki?" and he replied "iie" ("no").... Rivers!!! you were not having fun at the show?? I hope not... anyway, there were more crowd surfers and all that..(and of course they kicked me in the head again... hmmmmm thanx) I'd like to mention about Atom? who came out on stage for "Island in the sun" with maracas in his hand. He seemed pretty embarrassed being on the stage and it was really cute. Him and mikey were looking at each other, smiling and playing... it was awesome! I've learned that weezer fans travel a lot after all. I've met fans from Osaka, Hokkaido in Tokyo and it was really worth a fly from the US. Thank you weezer for the great times!!!! Domo arigato! * ami *

• japan tour is finished. I'm very sad they go back to USA, but I'm very very happy girl because I watched them play 7 times. and more I took pictures and shook hands with band members and got autographs. they are so kindly. ADAM play cool by MARAKAS, it's good. RIVERS said to us "KANASII NIHON" finally.it means that "I'm so sad" or "are you sad?" I presented souvenir for weezer.It was taken by MIKEY. I hope they like that. this tour was the best show! THANK YOU, WEEZER!

• i went to both tokyo shows and tonight was the last. the set was same (i do/photograph/garage/softly/ hash/island/good life/simple pages/ chistmas/bother?/butterfly/ain't so/ buddy holly/undone/sex/dreams/surfwax) and the show on 25th was better than tonight, in my opinion. because the sound wasn't perfect tonight (bass sound was cracked on hash pipe! terrible) and rivers' voice was not in full form. i really couldn't hear his voice on surfwax... he tried to shout at the end, though. the tour schedule was really tough so they must be totally exhausted and it created slightly negative effect and tension among the band, i guess. however,the crowd was totally excited and enjoyed sing-along and jumping up and down, tour T-shirts were selling like pancakes...amazing. i was so pleased to see it...the sense of unity among the band and sudience was so tight. i felt sad at the same time, since the tour is over now! happy and sad,that's the feeling i always get from weezer. --mariko