Karl's Corner - 09/09/2005

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09/09/05 we're the center of a stool boom

...MB '05 Tour: Day 83: travel/day off - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Today we woke up on the busses, which were still rolling from Atlanta towards Fort Lauderdale, where we are spending the rest of the day off. A little tropical sun and muggy air never did anyone much harm, and theres no reason not to take a walk on a beach if you can get to one.

The Foo Fighters spent their day up in NYC, as they were invited to participate in the "Shelter From The Storm" telethon thing for the Hurricane Katrina victims. (They did CCR's "Born On The Bayou" if I'm not mistaken). In light of the devastation in the Gulf Coast, a special reminder that the best and most efficient way to get aid to the needy is a cash donation. If you arent sure where to donate, The American Red Cross and The Salvation Army are widely held to be two of the best organized and most effective relief organizations. Our thoughts are with those who have lost so much and are enduring such hardship.

...Tour update: There will in fact be no show in Columbus, Ohio, (very sorry, no idea why it worked out like this) and the unknown show on 10/11 or 10/12 will apparently be in the Connecticut area. More info on that and other currently unconfirmed dates asap.

...The "We Are All On Drugs" video has risen on the MuchMusic Countdown from #27 to #22 this week!

...Weezer's "El Scorcho" video is featured on the new Mark Romaneck Directors Label DVD Vol.4, which is one of 4 new DVDs in the series that kicked off with last year's Spike Jonze DVD. Get a glimpse into the creative direction behind the video (Director's Cut) with commentary from Rivers and Brian.

...The remaining Hard Rock Live performance (taped in Orlando on July 17) air times:
rest of hard rock lives:
Sun 09/11 - 11:00 PM ET - Mtv2
Sun 09/11 - 12:00 AM (really Sept 12th) - Mtv2
Mon 09/12 - 12:30 AM ET - Mtv
Tue 09/13 - 01:30 AM ET - Mtv