Karl's Corner - 09/22/2005

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09/22/05 it's the rule, everyone has a stool

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 95: Travel to Curitiba, Brazil
So today is all about travel. Travel travel travel. In fact, so much travel that it doesnt even fit in one day - we arent even going to arrive in Curitiba untill 10 Am tomorrow, 9/23! (Which, come to think of it, is probably when I'll finally get to post this story. Ain't no internet at 35,000 feet! ...well, there is on a few flights now, but not this one.)

Fortunately, we had a few hours free in Mexico City before we went to the airport this afternoon, so there was a little more walking around and exploring before the endless parade of vans, lines, passports, planes, and going bananas set in. Goodbye Mexico, you were awesome!

Large size picture link: here. ('The plane seemed a little breezy up there, but we managed!')

...Next monday 9/26 - Weezer live on the Jimmy Kimmel show!

...German Mtv contest here - vote for weezer! The winning band will have a live performance broadcast on German Mtv! (might be the Hard Rock performance, I'm guessing). note - looks like this contest is closed to non-Euro peeps.