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09/10/05 everyone knows our name

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 84: Foozer/Wee Fighters #2: Sunrise FL - Bank Atlantic Center (ex-Office Depot Center) In the middle of a huge building in the middle of a huge parking lot in the middle of a rapidly disappearing swamp...we have..the Rock! We rolled over to the Bank Atlantic Center today, but the crews have been there since yesterday, using the "day off" as a work day to catch up on the production issues that initially had to be squashed into the rehearsal day in Atlanta. So now that theyve had a little more time, things were a bit more settled down than in Atlanta, and everything was smoother.

Like most of these shows, todays show took place in what's basically a hockey arena without the ice. Backstage is basically a series of long hallways filled with various pieces of random equipment, bleachers, hockey logos, storage rooms, etc, and they set up the various offices and dressing rooms and catering hall in what are ordinarily conference and locker rooms. It can get a little insulated back there, with everyone scurrying about taking care of stuff - you almost forget sometimes that a short walk away is the massive arena floor, which right around 6 PM starts to fill up with stoked people waiting for the rock! And ready or not, the show rarely starts even a few minutes late. Mae did a nice job again, theyve got some cool sounds and good songs. Weezer rocked it well, as they continue to push their "show vocabulary", making little adjustments along the way to reflect ideas and discussions they have on a daily basis amongst themselves, various crew, and others. It feels like they're sort of rebuilding the show based on the new discoveries of the Euro tour in August, but the foundation is solid as bedrock.

After Weezer left the stage, we checked out the mega-rock Foo show (where does Dave get all that voice? Wow.), then boarded the busses for the overnight trek over to Tampa for tomorrow's show. So far, so good!

Today the band did a taped interview with FUSE tv. We dont know when it will air yet, but as soon as we have the info, it will go up here.

...The remaining Hard Rock Live performance (taped in Orlando on July 17) air times:
Sun 09/11 - 11:00 PM ET - Mtv2
Sun 09/11 - 12:00 AM (really Sept 12th) - Mtv2
Mon 09/12 - 12:30 AM ET - Mtv
Tue 09/13 - 01:30 AM ET - Mtv

Thanks to Mike M. for helping out tonight! (see the comments page for his words)

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The current tour merchandise can be seen here.
(updated 9/8/05).

...The "Connecticut area show" will be in Bridgeport CN on Oct 11th. Once its confirmed, the ticket info will go up. And the Worcster Mass show is indeed confirmed, were just waiting for the ticket info. Late October show details coming asap.

...This wont last forever, so see it while you can - Weezer's performance of "Beverly Hills" on The Late Show With Dave Letterman, which aired last Thursday night.