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...MB '05 Tour: Day 97: Curitiba, Brazil - Curitiba Rock Festival
Wow. One of the all time top weezer shows tonight.
Today we rode over to the Curitiba Master Hall, a somewhat ragged rock club that was probably the perfect setting for Weezer's debut in Brazil. First came a rather chaotic soundcheck, hindered by the sort of not so organized chaos that permeated the day's events. 'Fun but confusing' is an apt description. Except for our crew, who endured a lot of technical nonsense and despite it all kept it together like champions.

After soundcheck it was time for a press conference with the Brazilian press corps and then several interviews back at the hotel, with Mtv Brazil and the Fantastico! show. Then I conducted a short interview with the guys, which will appear here on the website soon.

Later, after some food and some naps, we returned to the club for the show. The shows lineup was a variety of cool South American bands (from various countries, not just Brazil):
Suite Minimal
Radio De Outono
O Sete
Charme Chulo
Cidadao Instigado
Acabou La Tequila
and finally, Weezer.

Props to Melvin who was playing in Acabou La Tequila, who did a nice cover of The Ramones' "The KKK Took My Baby Away"

Finally at around 1:30 AM, Weezer took the stage to just insanely loud screaming and cheering from a crowd who were beyond any level of "stoked" that can be measured. Every single person n the place, all the way back to where they didnt even have a view, was singing every word they knew to every song in the set. Meanwhile up front, the suspect (crappy) barricade started to give away during the set, prompting a massive line of security guards to have to brace themselves up against it to hold back the surging crowd. Fortunately they were successful, as a collapse would have caused certain injury to many people at the very least. This place was insane. The band was totally feeding off the energy in the room, creating the rare and beautiful 'perfect storm' show situation that only happens once in a great while no matter how tight a band is. That energy just transcends all the technical issues and other messes that are going on. In my opinion, thats where we were tonight in Curitiba.

Big ups to some special people in attendance today: Raf!!! And Anthony, who once jammed with Rivers back in the old days in LA, before Weezer, before even Fuzz or 60 Wrong Sausages! And Leandro A., who was picked out to help out on acoustic guitar tonight! And all the wonderful people from the Brazilian promoter's office, including Fabiana B., Carla I., and Rodrigo C.! Thanks to all!!!

And a huge thanks to Brazilian band Bidê ou Balde, for lending weezer their (sweet!) vintage Minimoog, whch was brought up from the deep south of Brazil for Brian to play. As we were renting most of the gear, it was a huge help to have such an instrument to take the place of the Moog Voyager that is normally at Brian's side. The Minimoog is a very rare instrument, especially in south Brazil! Bidê ou Balde have been weezer fans for a long time, they covered 'Buddy Holly' on one of their albums, and are a well liked band in Brazil with several albums out.

fan reaction! (for more see the comment page and add your own)

"...I am the lucky dude who got picked to play Undone in Brazil. Dreams come true definitely!!!!! It was unbelievable!!!!! No words can express the feeling. Wow!!!!! The only thing going to my mind was trying not to screw up the song, one of my favorites. I think I did OK, right? Wow!!!! Sharing the stage with them was such a thrill and an honor!!!! Weezer must return to Brazil as soon as possible! Yeah!!!!" ---Leandro A.

Show review here, from a Sao Paolo newspaper. (hat tip: alessandra w.)..
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