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09/30/05 ain't no telling what the future will be

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 103: Foozer/Wee Fighters #9: Denver, CO - Pepsi Arena
Big rock in the gigantodome. Today I woke up with a fever and missed the afternoon's action down at the Pepsi Arena, which included a bunch of interviews plus the usual soundcheck stuff. The interviews were with the Hartford Courant, the New London Day, Mish Mash Mag, the New Haven Register, the Connecticut Post and the Danbury News Times. Then the band did a video interview with 'Starz'. Somehow I made a sudden recovery mid afternoon and made it down in time for the show.

Denver crowds usually seem to have a more party-like, aggro edge to them than the average city, something to do with the combo of the free thinking new age vibe and the college party crowd. In any event, tonight was no exception to the rule. After what seems like a crowd-surfing drought in recent weeks, the surfers were back. Also spotted during much of the set were at least 2 "mosh rings" where the people do that run-around-in-a-circle-and-crash-into-each-other thing. Another strong show for all 3 bands, with things running like clockwork, and plenty of fun being had on stage. The Foo's TM Gus was indeed back on the scene today, keeping things casual backstage.

So tonight was the night of the hurricane benefit food drive, where show goers were encouraged to bring in a canned food or money donation, and (via raffle) 5 lucky donaters won a poster signed by the foo fighters and a weezer lunchbox signed by weezer. The real winners of course are victims of the storm, where the food and monetary donations are headed. Thanks to all who brought donations!

And thanks to tonights Undone guest player, Steve, (a.k.a. Johannes Macintyre)! And thanks to Washburn Guitars for supplying the acoustic guitars that these fans are now getting to keep after the show! (Different from the actual stage guitar)

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The current tour merchandise(updated 9/8/05).

*NOTE* - if you see either of the 2 shirts for sale outside any venue on the Foozer Tour, know that they are ILLEGAL BOOTLEG shirts, and should not be bought for any price! These shirts are being sold illegaly and they do not benefit anyone but the scum who sell them. The ink on these shirts is very substandard and will wash out fast, and the shirts are usually printed on defective 'seconds'. Bootlegs - do not buy!

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