Karl's Corner - 11/01/2002

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11/01/02 I don't want no trash, gimme some popcorn!

"This band went under the name Goat Punishment for a short period, after poor reviews of their second album, Pinkerton. Later, they returned to their old name to release their self-titled third album, commonly known to fans as the Green Album. For 10 points, name this band." ---recent "Masterminds" inter-High School quiz question, Brighton, NY 10/29. [thanks to Matt G.]

Karlscorner-lionbullet.jpgThe Lion And The Witch: in search of...
copies of the difficult to find EP have also been spotted at Down in the Valley, located in Maple Grove, MN

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' news...
copies of the USA cd single [w/Franklin Mint version], have also been spotted at at Newbury Comics in Shrewsbury, MA.

radio: Keep Fishin' has recently made it to "The Eightball" (the top 8 at 8 show) on WBCN 104.1 in Boston, MA. Monday it was #2 (Just behind Nirvana's You Know You're Right), Tuesday it was number 5, and Wednesday night, it was number four. "...It seems Keep Fishin' didn't pick up steam around here until the US single was released!" ...And on WHRC Bryn Mawr/Haverford College Radio, "Maladroit" ranked #30 last week on their top 200 report, meaning that all sorts of Maladroit tracks are still getting plenty of play on the WHRC airwaves.

...web press:

some mentions in a recent story from VH1.com.

from the Nintendo website, a story about their game "Animal Crossing" mentions weezer.com and the message boards, regarding modifying the game to include weez music.

...fan announcement: See this bboard thread for news about the planning of a Boston area Weezerfest, and how you can get involved and make it happen.

...well, "Police Blotter" is over, but this one deserved some examination...

"my friends car got broken into during a swim meet in downtown buffalo during a swim meet. the side window was broken and the CD player and all the CD's were stolen including the green album. along with the CD's was a leather glove"