Karl's Corner - 11/20/2002

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11/20/02 Verbotene Liebe (tortura)

..."Weezer Weekend" a no-go? ...some UK fans had reported hearing about a MTV2 Europe "Weezer Weekend" on Nov 23-24th. However, no notice of this show is appearing in the latest listings. If anyone has any confirmed info, please share!

...Q Magazine has included "Maladroit" on its "Best 50 albums of 2002" list. Q's got taste.

...the message board "Scavenger Hunt" contest has now progressed to Round 3! Check out the new thread for the scoop, and check out the scavenger hunt website for all the info and details. and thanks to 'modtang'!

...weezer everywhere:
Chicago: a funny mention in a most unexpected place.
Germany: Yet another German soap opera, "Verbotene Liebe" ("Forbidden love") has used "Keep Fishin'" in a recent episode."Seems as if the german soap directors acquire a taste for weezer..." --Tanja [coming very soon- some soap opera madness of our own on the audio-video page!]
USA: "Photograph" used for the Vikings/Packers football game, in the "pictures of the game" section.
Mars! "Hey Karl, We're sending Weezer to Mars. Check it out!" ---Emily and Rob, Davis, CA
Norway: NRK Petre (youth-oriented radio station) has included "Keep fishin" on a 'best single of 2002' listeners web poll. "It´s kinda strange that the song is nominated, since I have never heard it being played on Norwegian radio, except when Maladroit was album of the week." ---Harald
Spain: in a top 100 guitar players of all time list [magazine title unknown], Rivers came in at #92, with the comment: "A Yngwie fan with really catchy riffs and the angular sound of the Pixies."
Chile: "Yesterday, We won a festival in my school with my little band "Blues Annonymus" with Keep Fishin' and My name is Jonas. Keep Fishin' is the number one in my school and was the number one in Los 10 m`s pedidos en MTVla. MY band think =w=eezer is our inspiration, and our award is for them!!" ---Paola Perez. Iquique, Chile.
France: Theres a new weezer article [in French] on Les Inrocks, a major French Rock n Roll website. "Keep Fishin" is their "Web Clip Of the Week"
New Zealand: New Zealand band Zed is releasing a new single, a cover version of the Weezer B-side "Starlight". This track is also in the soundtrack to the new Rob Schnieder movie "The Hot Chick". [More on this development in the next karls corner update.]

...cool fan comic alert! from JimsEats.com, check out this account of going to an Extended Midget Weezer show, late 2001:


"...there was a five year old i saw just having his friends sign a cast on his leg. I asked if I could sign it and he said yes. I signed my name and then drew a huge weezer sign covering one side of his cast, and on the other I drew another covering the other side of the cast. But little did I know his mom would come freak out and yell at me for doodling all over his cast. I was told by his mother to apologize, so I did, which was stupid. And she asked what the sign was, I said "Weezer." She replied, "WEEZER!!!!, is that a gang you little hoodlum????????" " ---ryley

"In spite of protests by Geffen, this group put 8 tracks from its album Maladroit on the Internet months before its actual release." ---UC Irvine Academic League Tournament bonus question, courtesy cindy, aka "li'l666" on the boards

"...I was driving home from work last night on interstate 35. I was thinking about you for some reason, and all the stuff you have done for the band. At the same time as I was merging in with the traffic on I-80, a huge m*******ing semi cut me off and wouldn't let me in. I had to slam on the brakes so I wouldnt go flying off into the ditch. When the semi went by and I finally got in the lane, I read the back of the trailer...In huge letters it said "KOCH". Are you hiring semi drivers to kill me in your name??" ---anonymous