Karl's Corner - 11/04/2002

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11/04/02 if I ever do wrong

...well, a new treat is on tap for the a-v page, but 24 hours of headache-inducing technical difficulties have prevented its appearence so far. So, barring further catastrophe, youll have something new to watch shortly! (arrgh!)

...grassroots fan contest:
on this bboard thread, the details are laid out. This contest was started by 'arizonaweezer', and there are swell prizes to be had. Not only is arizonaweeezer giving away several Lion and The Witch EP's and USA Keep Fishin cd singles, we've dug a couple of prizes out from the weez pile to sweeten the pot, namely an Enlightenment Tour setlist, and an old aftershow pass [not valid anymore, but cool!]. So check it out, you gotta be in it to win it.

...contest #2 [the semi-embarrassing one, heh heh] Over at rawktastic.net, theyre having a contest thats easy to enter, and theres 100 prizes. Theyre these funny little bracelets that... ah, just see for yourself...

...the rumor mill: fans spot band members??? or weez-hysteria???

"...Hey i saw brian at the strokes show this saturday night at the greek theater. brian was trying to make a quick getaway to his car but some weezer fan caught him and made him take a picture with her." ---oi

"...Last night I was with some friends seeing Dashboard Confessional at the Palladium. We were just pulling out of the parking lot when I peered across the street and said, "Woah, that guy looks like Rivers." Another girl in the car looked and declared, "Oh my god, that IS Rivers!" Desperate for immediate confirmation, I rolled down the window and called out his name. He looked back at us and I waved stupidly at him, as is my natural fangirl inclination (if I had thought about it I would have at least flashed the =w=). He looked sort of scared/pissed for a moment, then he turned back and quickened his pace down Vine towards Sunset. We were already playing Maladroit in the car, so we turned it up in the hopes he would hear it, but he was already skittering down the street. I think he was upset that we spotted him because (aside from the usual mysterious Rivers reasons,) he was in his super hobo beard disguise mode...he should know better than to be out in the streets when an emo concert just gets out. Heheh..." ---Holly

...fan tale: weez cover band action:
"...last night a friend and i attended the Tired Of Sex show in columbia, s.c., and it was as close to 1996 weezer anyone will ever get again, those guys rocked! they blazed through the pinkerton album and there wasn't one person in the house that wasn't rocking out, and throughout the show the audience was invited on stage to help sing along, cumulating with an electric 10 person rendition of butterfly. after all that, the band decided to do some songs from the blue album, to which more people were invited on stage (my friend and I finally had a chance to get on stage then) making for 20 people all singing say it aint so, undone, buddy holly, and my name is jonas. there was a costume party prior to the weezer concert and so there were some pretty whacked out costumes, and even they were up there singing, so there is just something amusing about a cross dressed Miss Piggy singing along to the weez... anyway, it was a really awesome night!" ---Lance

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