Karl's Corner - 12/17/2002

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12/17/02 blind date

letter o' the week!
"Hello. How are you doing ?
I'm Kazue.
There are lots of interesting topics at message board of weezer.com.
It takes a long time to read them. Because they wrote in English.
I can't understand fully the meaning of the sentences.
I don't understand some words.
What is the meaning of wifebeater ?"

"Like the Beatles or Simon and Garfunkel, people know the words and will learn the words and sing along to it, the way I do with my Weezer records." ---Patrick Matthews, The Vines

...the Harvard Weezer Survey that we recently participated in [if youre on our mailing list you got the news] has made big time news, a story appearing online on msnbc.com, and in print in the Dec 23rd dated issue of Newsweek magazine.

...the colossal Weezer Scavenger Hunt fans contest is at an end, check out the recap thread here. Congrats to onlyindreams42, theanswerman, megancee, blossom2002, and tasha2

...re-updated EU Pinkerton reissue = good / counterfeit Pinkerton LP = exist?
More info has come in about a new reissue of the Pinkerton LP. While some people have reported recently purchased copies sounding goofy and sped up, it seems there is a legitimate Eurpoean Union reissue of the LP on the market now. And as it turns out, the EU reissue does not say anything on the spine of the LP jacket, and does not say "made in the EU" on the back of the jacket. So basically the "real deal" looks a little shady, but it is the real deal. This is in the same legit series as the Universal reissue of the blue album from earlier this year. Please note that most [if not all] of the reissues for sale on ebay are legit! So, if your copy is not one of the following 3 versions:
1. 1996 original US LP [on DGC records]
2. 2001 Japanese reissue [will have "made in Japan" on it]
3. 2002 European Union reissue [no "made in EU", nothing on spine, matrix #'s in run out groove are: 033 9125 007 S1 320; 033 9125 S2 320; upc code # 7 20642 50071 2]

then... be careful!

the following is a description of what now looks to be the reissue....[it sure sounds like a boot, but this has essentially been disproven now] "The print on the sleeve is really grainy (esp around the small print on the back and the UPC code-it almost looks as if it was printed from a scan), there's no print on the spine (the original has tiny print there), there is no insert map sleeve, and most troubling is it sounds really bad (the pitch and speed are noticably higher)."

All that having been said, the "Slackers" store in O'Fallon, IL has a Pinkerton Reissue in stock, and are giving some away on this bboard thread. So it could be free for you! Slackers is at 1566 West Highway 50, about 20 min from St. Louis, and is selling the LP for $15.99.

...over in Norway, "Keep Fishin'" was voted in as "best song of 2002" on the the "Lydverket" television show that broadcasts on channel NRK, which is as big a tv station as there is over there!. Huge props to weezer.no for organizing the Norwegian weez troops!

...Weezer's "Keep Fishin was nominated in the Heavy Rotation (Coolest Videos) category, in the Vh-1 Big in 2002 Awards. The show went down on the 15th, but the voting list is still online... maybe hit em up for a vote, who knows?

...vote for weezer in the online Alternative Press poll, best of 2002.
...On the 23rd of December, MTV2 Europe will begin their "top 100 videos of 2002" week. The Keep Fishin' video is nominated, and you can vote here.

...Weezer has made the Onion AV Club's "best albums of the year" list.

...The annual Punktastic awards have been given out, based on end of year online polls, and weezer has won two of 'em.

...fan announcements:

"...On saturday 21st december there will be a "stars in their eyes" all day show at "Josephs Well" In Leeds, UK. The deal is, Lots of UK punk & hardcore bands get to cover another bands set. my band Fig.4.0 is covering the mighty weez & will be playing a 30 min set of weez classics. Theres also bands covering Bon jovi, Nirvana, green day, the Ramones, simon & garfunkel, black flag & lots more. for more info theres stuff here. it should be a fun day & all proceeds go to UNICEF."

"...Music With Meaning 3, a series of shows to raise awareness of rape is coming up. MWM3 are shows to raise awareness for Rape Victims Advocates. The shows are all ages and canned goods go to local food kitchens. In the show on the 28th of December, Rezeew, a band made up of Fetor, ADD and Orefisaurus will be performing Weezer's "Pinkerton". The shows start on the 21st and are all in the Chicago area." Email questions here. Show details
Pilgrim Church
460 Lake St.
Oak Park, Il 60301
$6 of $5 with 2 cans of food
show starts at 2:30PM, 14 bands!
Rezeew (Fetor+ADD+Orefisaurus="Pinkerton") is at 6:25-6:55

"...just wanted to let you know that in the new issue of SPIN (with the strokes on the cover), my letter to the editor was printed! i wrote to them after they named pinkerton the best "album to listen to while recoiling from the horrors of adulthood" (in the november issue (i think) - the white stripes cover) and THEY PRINTED IT!!! (see page 17!) so just thought you should know that a huge weezer fan got her letter printed in SPIN, thanking them for acknowledging the weez!!! ROCK ON!!" ---chelsea=
...from the "feedback" section of SPIN's January 2003 issue:
"...Thank you for naming Weezer's Pinkerton "the album to play while recoiling from the horrors of adulthood" ("These Albums May Save Your Life," October"). I discovered it less than a year ago and can honestly say that it helped me get through some difficult periods. The lyrics are incredible--it's as if Rivers Cuomo knows my thoughts." ---Chelsea Nesvig, Seattle

"...my friend Ryan's little cousin, who he loves with all his heart, has leukemia. The little boy is only five, and he is Ryan's pride and joy. Here is the problem: Ryan's family isn't very well off, and because of this, they can't afford the treatments that his cousin needs to get better. I don't know what's worse - his cousin getting cancer, or the fact that they can't provide the care necessary for him to get better. The family can't even provide a Christmas morning, because all the money they have is going to their little boy's medical needs.
My school is trying hard to raise money for the family through bake sales and donation boxes, but the problem is that we're not a large school and for what this family needs, we can't do very much on our own...I don't know if what I'm asking is possible, and because I feel for Ryan and his family. I can't even imagine what it's like to have this happen to someone you love, especially when that person is only five years old..."
any donations are welcome, email Karyn if you are able to help.

"...sadly, Alonzo (ATNW)'s mum has passed away, on Thanksgiving Day. A lot of ATNW boardies have been waiting for news of the big guy's mom for a while now. it's awful sad news but I'm sure they'd appreciate hearing it." ---Tricia

"damn. i haven't had anything on there... i was gonna send in pictures of my pumpkins on halloween (one was a rivers pumpkin, the other was a =w=, and then my roommate carved one that said "BEER" in really big letters... i wasn't gonna send that last one, obviously :)) but i didn't get the pics back in time. someday though... someday i will get on karl's corner... or i will get my own corner." ---sweetbitch153