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Featured quote: Karl's Corner entry, March 3, 2000

Well, folks, I'm outta time. The Special Goodness west coast spring tour is looming, and I gotta get my ass to the west coast. The last page or 2 of the recording history (which takes us up to present day), will have to wait for now. Im sorry! If it makes you feel better, by the time I return to my trusty iMac, I shall have hung out with R.C., and will likely have a much better idea of what exactly went down on tape in '98 and '99, as well as a fresh perspective on whatever weezer is up to now... and my spider-senses are picking up little traces of news already.....

so, ill see you out there, and then back here in (i hope) late april.

-Karl Koch, Karl's Corner - 03/02/2000

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