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I would sing ideas, like here’s my ideas, and then I didn’t realize how good [producer Jake Sinclair ] was at vocal harmonies. He would come back and three-part almost everything I did. And he wanted the other guys to sing it, meaning Scott and Pat. I’ve always wanted to get Pat to sing a lot more, and I knew it’d be difficult... to get him to do it, and a lot of work was required to hear these parts. So I asked [Sinclair] to send me separate vocals of all of [the recordings], and then I notated them all out... I just really believed in this album and I wanted to push to get it done. Because what else are we gonna do right now [during the COVID-19 pandemic]? ... I love the sound of our human— that human element. It’s three voices, even though they’re low in the mix and I believe they’re mixed in mono, so they’re definitely not featured, but they’re just the right amount of touch to go, “remember humans’ voices?” ... We kind of use the theme of a human-sounding record and that’s how we thought about it.

-Brian Bell, radio interview with Kyle Meredith of WFPK (Louisville, KY)

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