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Month Headline User
December 2023 Pat Wilson on the planned Geffen release of The Special Goodness, February 1997 --MyNameIsJason (talk) 05:22, 19 November 2023 (UTC)
November 2023 ---- ----
October 2023 Brian Bell on the composition and recording process for the background vocals on OK Human, Feb. 2021 --MyNameIsJason (talk) 04:44, 13 September 2023 (UTC)
September 2023 Rivers Cuomo on the perceived commercial disappointment of Pinkerton, June 1997. --MyNameIsJason (talk) 06:22, 25 August 2023 (UTC)
August 2023 Anna Waronker of That Dog on the writing of "Bird on a Wire" from Old LP; Oct. 2019. --MyNameIsJason (talk) 04:06, 3 August 2023 (UTC)
July 2023 Karl Koch on "When You're Looking for Love, in his ongoing Q&A with the Weezerpedia Discord; April 2022 --MyNameIsJason (talk) 04:56, 29 June 2023 (UTC)
June 2023 Toledo City Paper journalist Mike Saccone interviewing Scott Shriner on his pre-Weezer career; September 2002 --MyNameIsJason (talk) 21:44, 29 May 2023 (UTC)
May 2023 Pat Wilson and Rivers Cuomo on Weezer's yet-to-be-released third album. --MyNameIsJason (talk) 00:06, 8 May 2023 (UTC)
April 2023 Rivers Cuomo on his chemistry with Jake Sinclair --User:Theangel
March 2023 Karl's Corner entry, March 3, 2000 --User:MyNameIsJason
February 2023 Brian Bell on his first impressions of Weezer --User:Theangel
January 2023 Rivers Cuomo using an AI to compose his tweets --User:HMC