Historic event: 11/01/1996

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Review of 11/1/96 show in Ventura, CA:

I arrived at this show at around noon and because my friends weren't as weezer fanatical at the time as I was, they decided to just drop me off and come back later. Unfortunately, I wasn't really familiar with Superdrag at the time and didn't realize Brendan (former guitarist) had walked by me several times. When they played their set later I was disappointed in myself.

Finally another fan arrived at about 2:30 p.m. and a little later Rivers got off the tour bus. He went over to look at the upcoming bands' posters outside the venue and seemed pretty amused by a "22 Jacks" poster(probably due to it's Jason Cropper affiliation). Rivers was surprisingly (okay..very surprisingly) pretty talkative and chatted with me and the other fan for about 15 minutes about 22 Jacks, Pinkerton, and Las Vegas(that's where I had traveled from for the show).

Superdrag was really good live, especially since Tom was still in the band at the time.

Weezer's set was Pinkerton filled but not as good as either of the other 2 shows I saw in fall/winter of 96. Matt was in a bad mood at the time and didn't do any of his normal stage antics. He missed quite a few of his vocals and sometimes wasn't even playing his bass parts. He spent a lot of time with his back to the crowd near his amp. That was pretty disappointing considering he was one of the best parts about seeing =w= shows. The music was still amazing, of course. Well, I've rambled on long enough.

--fan account from joe. thanks joe!

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